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oh man. [Nov. 13th, 2005|09:34 pm]
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okay. so im not one to really post what goes on in my relationships. although i do like to announce how much i love steven on occasion when im really bored, and since oh like 3 people really see this. i dont really care..

steven andrew schneider, i love you so much.

this is what he did ------->

SOOOO, ive been in singapore for a 5 day conference for the past five days. and well i basically wanted to kill myself, becasue it was a little disaster. but thats okay. and today, i got in at 3:15. which is pretty early. i thought oh good ill have time to recuperate and do some work before school starts tomorrow. yay!

INSTEAD. looking gross and exhausted, after i came off the elevator, i look left, which i normally dont do, and theres steven sitting down with lilies. totally surprising me with a nice little visit and flowers.

he called my mom yesterday and had arranged the whole thing. way to take initiative babe!

you... really just made the past 5 days of misery, dissapear. i love you for everything, but your surprise was just what i wanted!!!!!